Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

Purpose of Online Loans:

  • offers online loans for short-term financial needs exclusively, not as a solution for long-term financial issues.
  • Individuals with credit difficulties should consider credit counseling instead of relying on these loans.

Application Invitation:

  • This service and website serve as an invitation to submit a loan application, but they do not guarantee loan approval or funding.

State Registration:

  • is registered with Utah’s Department of Financial Institution and operates under its regulations.

Disbursement Location and Legal Variations:

  • Approved loans will be disbursed from Utah, which may have different consumer loan laws compared to your state of residence.
  • As an applicant, you must adhere to your state’s statutory obligations for obtaining internet-based loans.

Service Availability:

  • Availability of this service may vary by state; it may or may not be accessible in your specific state.

Alternative Lenders:

  • If you prefer, you can seek loans from lenders within your state if you do not wish to agree to these terms and conditions.

Prepayment Privilege:

  • Paying off the loan early does not incur a prepayment penalty.

Agreement Acceptance:

  • Authorizing the cashing of your checks signifies your acceptance of this Agreement’s terms and conditions.
  • These terms were available through various channels, including written documentation, our website, and verbal communication.

Separate Transactions:

  • Supplementary goods or services you purchase from us are considered separate transactions and may involve extra charges.

Electronic Funds Presentation:

  • You agree to electronic presentation of owed funds and re-presentation of any returned presentations.
  • Re-presentation may occur for amounts less than the original due, including non-sufficient funds fees.

Loan Rescission:

  • You can rescind the loan without cost or obligation if the loan amount is returned by 5:00 PM the next business day after the Loan Funding Date.

Fraud and Identity Warning:

  • Providing false information or engaging in identity theft is considered fraudulent and subject to legal consequences.

Negative Information Reporting:

  • Account details, including late or missed payments, may be reported to credit bureaus.

Class Action and Arbitration:

  • Participation in class action or multi-plaintiff actions is waived; disputes will be resolved through binding arbitration, as outlined in the Arbitration Agreement.

Arbitration Agreement:

  • Disputes will be settled through arbitration, governed by the Federal Arbitration Act.
  • Waiver of jury trial and agreement to arbitration provisions apply, with a focus on individual resolution rather than class actions.

Consent for Electronic Records:

  • Electronic signatures, records, and disclosures are accepted for this transaction.
  • Hardware and software requirements for accessing and retaining electronic Records are outlined.

Withdrawal and Change of Contact Information:

  • You can withdraw your Consent at any time or update your contact details as needed.

SMS Messaging and Cell Phone:

  • Lender may send SMS messages regarding your account, subject to your mobile carrier’s text message rates.
  • Opt-out options for receiving such messages are available.

Electronic Signature and Verbal Consent:

  • Submitting the application electronically or verbally signifies agreement to terms and conditions.
  • Verification of provided information and acceptance of personal responsibility for safeguarding assigned credentials is understood.

Assignment and Collection of Bank Account Information:

  • Easymoneyloan reserves the right to assign interests in the Agreement and may process payments based on provided bank account information.

If you have any inquiries, please contact us.

  • By using, you confirm that you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy of this loan. All loans financed by EasyPaydayLenders.